01 December 2009

Darwinism in Tinseltown - A Post Script

Grabbed from the headlines, a prime example of where DIY can lead the budding scribe:

Panic Pushes Hollywood Buttons

And the video that started it all:

What's left to do? Easy Peasy.  Just Add Story.



Michelle Shyman said...

Yeah, and not a single person in that video who would have been paid even the SAG minimum.

Alvaro said...

Uruguay, bitches. URUGUAY.

Amazing. Traumatic. And 4 minutes of movie magic.

princess scribe said...

As the video was made in Uruguay, by a filmmaker from the same country, and knowing that SAG jurisdiction is limited to the good old U S of A, then yes, SAG minimums would not apply.

Michelle Shyman said...

Okay, i dig your point about Uruguay; what i mean is that i do not like movies with no actors.

princess scribe said...

Ah, I understand.

Was the little boy not an actor?

I'm sure the feature will be more than crank crank bang bang...

Or not. :)

However it turns out, I applaud the maker, and the empowerment that comes with DIY! xo HRH

MichelleShyman said...

Yes, you're right, Princess: the little boy was an actor. Though, without dialogue. Aaah, me...i worry how actors are being pushed into insignificance. It's all mega-stars; and everyone else is making even less of a living than they did before. Even the mega-stars are being digitized so movies can be made "with" them after they are dead.

princess scribe said...

Ah, Milady Michelle, I must gently disagree.

I see this akin to D9, a film that was (for an SFX spectacular) low budget and completely absent of megastars, instead using JBerg actors, many of them regularly performing on the stage - and in works penned by friends of HRH.

MichelleShyman said...

That very well could be; and I hope it will be!