29 January 2010

What is our craft if there is not audience?

Another great garden of voices faces silence:


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Deaf Indian Muslim Anarchist! said...

that is such sad news. I especially like this comment at the end of the article:

"So many successful Hollywood stars got their start at the classic, landmark Pasadena Playhouse. Now, 2 million dollars is needed to cover immediate costs and put the Playhouse back on its feet.

What are the odds of liberal, wealthy, self-aggrandizing Hollywood celebutards opening up their designer wallets and purses to help out this legendary, one-of-a-kind theater?

You guessed it - zero. Same old story: Liberal Hollywood uses free-market system to obtain their fortune, then adopts the same greedy practices that they accuse corporations of using. Never mind the fact that most corporations not only philanthropic, they provide goods, services and jobs to the community. Meanwhile, a stupid Hollywood celebrity takes and takes and takes, giving nothing in return but false images and marginal entertainment.

(sigh) In the golden days, stars such as Carole Lombard, Jimmy Stewart Ginger Rogers, Bob Hope, etc. were legendary in their philanthropy, grateful for their fame and humble toward their legion of fans.

Today, not so much. Come on, Hollywood. Which one of you loathsome, overexposed narcissists is going to break from the pack and do something helpful for a change? Any takers? I'll be waiting to see...."