08 June 2010

A Fond Farewell to Mystery Man

This blog is a strange way to re-enter my castle; however, I needs must pay homage to that oh-so-mysterious scribe - Mystery Man.

His name alone conjured up late night fantasies. Who was he? What was his real name? Was he a tall, cool drink of water? Did he prefer his filet medium rare? Did he wear boxers - or briefs?

A few days ago, I was told of his passing. Not wishing to believe it, I held out hope that the rumors were in vein. MM was my dreamscribe, that dark knight in shining armor, astride his white stallion. Each Monday, he whisked me off to the land of elevated linguistics with his smart and snappy prose. That's about as sexy as it gets in Princess Scribeland.

Rather than writing my own musings, I thought I would share some of the best, written by bloggers I love.

Scott Myers pays tribute to MM.

The Story Department hosted MM on Mondays, and has much to say about their friend. Also, check out their MM archives.

William Martell adds a few words - and MM's 101 Best Of.

Save the Cat! bids MM adieu.

Ah, Mystery Man. One of the Good Guys. You kept me safe and warm. You fed my mind - and my soul. Now who will be there to help me slay my story dragons?

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